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Reduce fatigue and exhaustion

36,00 lei

Reduces oxidation of LDL  Inhibits platelet aggregation  Provides energy for normal cell functioning

55,00 lei

129,00 lei

Enhances blood circulation in the painful joint areas and act promptly to local

41,00 lei

Contribute to the feeding and protecting hair and nails

38,00 lei

Maintain normal function of the gallbladder

25,00 lei

Unique combination of active ingredients that works as an excellent brain tonic and skin protecting agent. 

38,00 lei

The normal functioning of the immune system Normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin  Transport of oxygen in normal body Normal energy metabolism 

43,00 lei

Fragmentation of urinary calculi dissolution and / or disposal  Pre and post intervention within urological  Reduce the number of bacteria in the urinary tract 

25,00 lei

Right Choice Enzymes for any kind of indigestion. Complete blend of 12 vegetal enzymes. Zimez makes difficult digestion easy

50,00 lei

Protecting and supporting liver under stress , alcohol, viral infections , radiation Supports normal functioning of liver Protects liver cells Improves appetite , digestion and metabolism

29,00 lei
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