Endolex Forte

Endolex Forte


Natural herbal formula for beneficial effect on blood circulation and vein's health

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  • Diosmin and hesperidin are safe and effective flavonoids that protect vascular structures and restore vascular integrity.
  • Diosmin protects the blood vessels, increases venous tone and lymphatic flow.
  • Restores correct vascular capillary permeability, reducing swelling and pain. Improves the return of blood from the venous system.
  • Ruscus and chestnut extracts help maintain elasticity and normal functioning of blood vessels, with beneficial effects on venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • Procyanidolic oligomers contained in the grape seeds extract are active in protecting blood vessels and reduce capillary fragility


  • Helps the normal functioning of veins, capillaries and lymphatic vessels.
  • Helps maintain the normal tone of vascular walls.






  225 mg


    25 mg

Grape Seed extract

  100 mg

Ruscus aculeatus extract

  100 mg

Chestnut extract

    50 mg



  • Orally – 1 capsule daily, after meals, with plenty of water


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