Neurological Conditions

Neurological Conditions 

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Contribute to the establishment of calmness and mental wellness  Helps maintain mental relaxation and emotional balance 

47,00 lei

23,00 lei

Maintaining the integrity of nerve fibers  Maintaining functionality carbohydrate metabolism

47,00 lei

Protect the liver with essential phospholipids and vitamins

31,00 lei

Contribute to maintaining attention and memory

118,00 lei

Maintain proper functioning of the nervous system  Contribute to micorcirculation nerve stimulation, reduces tiredness and fatigue

61,00 lei

Maintaining normal values of cholesterolParticipate in lipid metabolism, helping to maintain normal cholesterol and triglycerides.

44,00 lei

Increased vitality and improving immunity  Stimulate the optimal functioning of the nervous system  Improving diabetes related disorders 

44,00 lei

Maintain proper functioning of the nervous system

35,00 lei

Impaired glucose tolerance  Nutritional and metabolic disorders 

43,00 lei

70,00 lei
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