Uro-gyneco Conditions

Uro-gyneco Conditions 

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To maintain healthy bones and teeth

35,00 lei

The normal functioning of the immune system Normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin  Transport of oxygen in normal body Normal energy metabolism 

41,00 lei

Probiotic with Functional Prebiotics    Bio Sun normalizes bowel movements and rebuilds beneficial microflora. Facilitates digestion in period of dietary changes such as switching to diet fall-winter to summer. Probiotics are highly useful  in case of gastric disorders.

25,00 lei

Contribute to a normal couple living in stimulating appetite and sexual activity.

95,00 lei

Erectile Dysfunction

36,00 lei

Smart Concept Prenatal Vitamins Optimal Complex vitamins for pregnancy and lactation Femosun offers advantage of optimum combination of Folic Acid, Folate and  Biologically Active Malic Iron

68,00 lei

Contributes to the normal function of the female hormonal system in the menstrual cycle

25,00 lei

Unique treatment for enhancing natural bone structure and thus helps prevent post menopausal osteoporosis.

37,00 lei

Helps maintain normal sexual activity in men and the normal functioning of the male uro-genital system.

60,00 lei

Helps maintain urogenital health and normal functioning of the prostate (especially for men aged over 40 years) 

47,00 lei

Combinaţie esenţială de 7 extracte naturale cu acţiune sinergică pentru susţinerea şi reechilibrarea organismului în perioada peri-menopauzei şi menopauzei, fără reacţiile adverse ale tratamentelor de substituţie hormonală. Combinaţia optimă împotriva tulburărilor menopauzei Scade intensitatea tulburărilor neuro-vegetative: bufeuri, transpiraţii,...

62,00 lei

Increase physical and intellectual tone, increase concentration. Improve conditions of fatigue in the young or elderly.

36,00 lei
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